highest qualityoutcomes
with rapid
ScopeZyme is the
most effective Enzymec
Scope Cleaner
ScopeZYME High-Level multi-tiered Enzymatic Cleaner quickly removes blood, fat, and protein, all bio-burden, from scopes and surgical instruments.
ScopeZyme is the
most powerful
Scope Cleaner
.5 ounce
per gallon
Scope-ZYME is designed for:
manual cleaning
washer decontaminators
At the dilution rate of half ounce per gallon ScopeZYME outperforms any other enzymatic cleaner and proves to be the most cost effective cleaner. ScopeZYME is ‘Multi-Tiered’, with protease, amylase, lipase and carbohydrase enzymes for fast removal of the most stubborn organic encrustation and bio-burden. ScopeZYME is aggressive against your most difficult cleaning challenge, yet guaranteed to be safe for all of your instruments including all and scopes (flexible and rigid). When compared against conventional detergents, the use of a high level enzyme cleaner, such as ScopeZYME, will extend the usable life of flexible instruments, such as endoscopes. Scope-ZYME is easy and safe to use and will not harm any metals, plastic, rubber or corrugated tubing. For UltraSonic power cleaning ScopeZYME and Surg ENZ have proven to be the best cost alternatives.

ScopeZYME is
neutral pH
free rinsing
100% biodegradable
Scope ZYME the highest level multi-tiered
Scope ZYME high level Enzyme Instrument & Scope Cleaner
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